Why Digital Ubiquity?

Digital Ubiquity Capital brings differentiated investment and technology solutions, including partnerships with leading global investors and technology firms. These solutions and partnerships accelerate rural community and digital transformation. Our intelligent platforms and replicable structures are inspired from global best practices to evaluate projects, isolate risks and share value while providing an expected return on investment.

Impact on Population

The commitment in all our projects is to make digital transformation, ubiquitous through a single shared digital infrastructure.

All projects will offer incentives for supporting youth,  seniors and individuals with disabilities in order to address both our future as a society as well as provide a better quality of life for those who need it. Based on the economic capacity of a project, a variety of community incentives from funds and scholarships will be created with an additional target of up to 20% discount  on services offered to these community members by the services companies.

Community Scholarship Fund


Individuals with Disabilities

Impact on Enterprises

Because of covid-19 and its foreseeable impacts, but also because of the transformations in business models that were taking place before the pandemic, connectivity will play a key role.

For example, market paradigms such as the retail market switching from real estate/physical boutiques and sale points to virtual boutiques targeting specific clientele around the world, creating virtual community around a concept, a design, a specific good ands its use will require more than ever access to state-of-the-art connectivity.

Digital transformation is the process of integrating digital technology into all aspects of business, requiring fundamental changes in technology, culture, operations and value delivery. To best leverage emerging technologies and their rapid expansion into human activities, a business must reinvent itself by radically transforming all of its processes and models.

Leveraging available data in partnership with the local enterprises makes it possible to address a variety of enabling scenarios to make important links between various entities in the community. It allows local players to sell and market their product and services within the community in the same fashion as important e-commerce players.

The community referral program allows to share ‘virtual currency’ between local community institutions by providing referral credits on digital goods and services. These credits are made available to local point of services to create relationships and flow between various actors from the community.

Each project is built to provide ubiquitous access to people in need of better connectivity in their daily lives.