We stand behind you

Digital Ubiquity works with communities, businesses, service providers, governments and developers to enable financial investments that will accelerate their Digital Transformation. Our long term investment and dedication to the model makes it possible for us to invest in public-private partnership projects or consortium projects that have a complex value chain. Unlike traditional private equity, we have a platform that an investment structure providing the best way to monetize the assets and share the value with various stakeholders.

From Commodity to Necessity

Digital Ubiquity Capital is committed to bridging the digital divide by making data connectivity technologies available to the everyone in the community. We believe that data infrastructure is the road of the future and will be the next generation’s social and economic development necessity. By enabling businesses and making sure assets are well monetized, we can accelerate growth and empower communities with new economic development tools.

The Digital Ubiquity Advantage

Digital Ubiquity provides a new way for connectivity projects to access various sources of capital while isolating risks, sharing value and accelerating growth. We also work with our promoters and partners to create an independent vehicle for the project allowing them to grow and build their business or activities how they want.

Traditional Financing Our Approach
  • Corporate Financing
  • Investors choose the companies as investment vehicles
  • Private Infrastructures
  • Private Equity will control the company
  • Company Performance is analyzed
  • Company competence will vary with team
  • High Risk with perception of mitigation via control
  • Capital from limited sources (PE, Accredited Investors)
  • Project Financing
  • Neutral Investment Vehicles
  • Open-Access Shared Infrastructures
  • Private Equity will control the vehicle
  • Project Performance is analyzed
  • Best of breed companies
  • Full Value-Chain Analysis minimizes risks
  • Capital from multiple sources (i.e. PE, Crowdfunding, Family Offices)

Potential Projects Include

  • Open-Access Network on a shared Infrastructure
  • Community Support and Involvement Projects

  • Digital Utility and Smart City Projects

  • Network Extension or Greenfield Projects

What this means for you?

We are there to support you regardless who you are and how the project is structured. We only invest in open-access projects and initiatives.

We help Wireless and fibre-based ISPs (Internet Service Providers) accelerate their growth by working with them to finance and monetize services. We help them operate  the infrastructure assets  financed by Digital Ubiquity as part of a project and make it possible for them to have access to a much larger customer base to offer their services at a lower rate and higher quality.

We work with communities from private development projects to cities by providing the community with the guidance of an end-to-end process financed in public-private partnership  that will minimize the risks and ensure there is proper monetization and market capacity for the assets.

We work with utilities that are seeking to diversify their activities without having the risk to manage and operate the assets. In a partnership model we can make sure that their investment is well operated and monetized and that their low cost of capital is leveraged to create the desired stream of recurrent revenue expected from connectivity infrastructures.