Digital Ubiquity Capital makes ubiquitous access to digital infrastruture a capital need.

Digital Ubiquity Capital brings differentiated investment solutions, including partnerships with leading global investors, manage to accelerate rural and smart city connectivity.

Our intelligent platforms and replicable structures are inspired by global best practices to evaluate connectivity projects, isolate risks and share value while providing an expected return on investment.


Impact on the environment will lead to reductions in CO2 through the ICT enabling effect and an increase in digital goods.


Projects are structured to share value with the community through social impact, services and support for the community.


Projects are implemented in project vehicles, independent of the public or private promoters which provides for independent governance and reduced risk for investors.

Goal: Accelerate Connectivity for 1M people by 2023

The current unstructured and uncoordinated approach  between government grants,  private capital  and bank syndicates is not working. An absence of cohesive analysis using best practices and approaches to connectivity has led to critical delays with many projects announced in 2017 still in the early days of deployment and facing a variety of challenges.

Connections in Progress

Our Team

Our team of experts dedicated to making connectivity happen.

Marc-André Nadeau
Marc-André NadeauCEO & Founder
More than 10 years at Deloitte in value creation practices and led Corporate Finance at Montreal downtown offices. Worked for two years at Inocybe Technologies prior to its acquisition.
Mathieu Lemay
Mathieu LemayCSO & Founder
Previously Chief Executive Officer at Inocybe Technologies with a successful exit to Kontron where he ran M&A and corporate strategy for North America.
Mike Richard
Mike RichardPrincipal
A former police detective turned telecom executive, Michael has 25 years in the industry, leading business and technical operations while building telecom utilities from the ground up..
John Zannos
John ZannosPrincipal
John Zannos is a repeat entrepreneur, advisor, and investor with over 25 years of experience in technology and telecom. He believes that great opportunity exists at the intersection of challenging business problems and innovative technology. As Founder, CEO, CRO, Investor, Advisor, and Board Member he has led large and small companies to success.
Mohamed Alfar
Mohamed AlfarSenior Associate
With 18+ years of telecom industry experience, Mohamed is highly educated in both technical and managerial domains and skilled in building and optimizing telecom organizational capacity up to industrial standards.
Tarek Elghawy
Tarek ElghawySenior Associate
Experienced Telecom professional with a 14+ career, during which has worked for both multinational companies and start-ups. Tarek has performed in various roles, including sales, pre-sales, PMO, and support and holds a Bachelor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, and a Master of Business Administration.
Kirby Koster
Kirby KosterSenior Associate
A driver of innovative telecommunications products, and broadband network implementations, Kirby has 35 years of world-wide experience implementing and testing broadband wireless and optical solutions to bridge the digital divide.
Ki Wan Bae
Ki Wan BaeSenior Analyst
Knowledge on Business Intelligence and data analytics and processing Ki Wan provides in depth analysis on files and content.
Mallory Kowalski
Mallory KowalskiSenior Analyst
B.Sc. in Geology and an advanced diploma from the Center of Geographic Sciences, Mallory enjoys the opportunity to solve the puzzles that arise while working with GIS data.
Erica Morrison
Erica MorrisonSenior Analyst
As a Saint Mary’s alumnus and with an NBCC diploma in Hospitality, Erica has a broad range of experience in the private and public sectors and enjoys providing administrative support to the DUC team in project Governance and project management support.