Digital Ubiquity Capital makes ubiquitous access to digital infrastructure a community reality.

Digital Ubiquity Capital brings differentiated technology and investment solutions to accelerate rural and city connectivity.

Our intelligent platforms and replicable structures are inspired by global best practices to evaluate connectivity projects, isolate risks and share value while providing an expected return on investment for the community, government, and investors.


Projects are implemented in project vehicles which provides for independent governance and reduced risk for investors.


Projects are structured to share value with the community through social impact, services and support for the community.


A catalyst for economic prosperity by enabling the creation and growth of businesses locally that operate globally.

Goal: Accelerate Connectivity for communities in the United States and Canada.

The current unstructured and uncoordinated approach  between government grants,  private capital  and bank syndicates is not working. An absence of cohesive analysis using best practices and approaches to connectivity has led to critical delays with many projects announced in 2017 still in the early days of deployment and facing a variety of challenges. At Digital Ubiquity Capital we deploy financing strategies, governance models, advanced technology, and comprehensive management solutions, to create fully functional broadband companies that meet the unique connectivity needs of communities.

Connections in Progress

Our Leadership Team

Our partners have collaborated in a variety of capacities for over 20 years. We are committed to solving the digital divide in the USA and Canada by developing Broadband Digital Utility projects.

Marc-André Nadeau
Marc-André NadeauPartner
More than 10 years at Deloitte in value creation practices and led Corporate Finance at Montreal downtown offices. Worked for two years at Inocybe Technologies prior to its acquisition.
Mathieu Lemay
Mathieu LemayPartner
Previously Chief Executive Officer at Inocybe Technologies with a successful exit to Kontron where he ran M&A and corporate strategy for North America.
Mike Richard
Mike RichardPartner
A former police detective turned telecom executive, Michael has 25 years in the industry, leading business and technical operations while building telecom utilities from the ground up..
John Zannos
John ZannosPartner
Repeat entrepreneur and investor with 25 years of experience in technology and telecom. Builder of successful companies as a Founder, CEO, CRO, Investor, Advisor, and Board Member.