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We democratize access to connectivity investments for Digital Utility projects

Digital infrastructures are the foundational layer that are required to power tomorrow’s economy in the same way that railroads, roads, power and even waters ways have contributed to societies’ economic developments. Recent world events have accelerated radical digital transformations affecting the way we interact, work and live. It has demonstrated that in this upside down world,  health, education and government all need to leverage the digital infrastructures in a new way. This is why investing in partnership with communities is what will make these infrastructures sustainable and will empower tomorrow’s economic needs.

At Digital Ubiquity Capital (DUC), we are devoted to solving the digital divide in the United States and Canada by developing Broadband Digital Utility projects. As experienced developers, we deploy governance models, advanced technology, financing strategies, and comprehensive management solutions, to create fully functional broadband companies that meet the unique connectivity needs of communities 

We are committed to forging strategic partnerships with cities/counties, electrical cooperatives, and infrastructure investors to develop Digital Utility projects. This collaborative model is the foundation of our approach to effectively strategize, construct, finance, and enhance fiber and wireless broadband networks, tailored to meet the future connectivity requirements of communities. Our methodology integrates best practices, robust governance structures, and operational efficiencies, ensuring seamless design, construction, financing, operation, and maintenance of digital utility infrastructure. Our focus on innovative, efficient solutions positions us at the forefront of addressing the dynamic connectivity needs of cities and counties. 

Utilizing the best methodologies and governance structures, we ensure project transparency and efficiency through our integrated project governance portal, powered by Digital Twin technology. Digital Ubiquity Capital views digital infrastructure as an essential component of community development. We are dedicated to forming public-private partnerships and financing syndicates that address and anticipate community connectivity needs, now and in the future. At Digital Ubiquity Capital we focus on removing the complexities in Broadband Utility projects, making them accessible to communities, institutional investors, family offices, and even individuals from the communities themselves.

All Digital Ubiquity Capital projects comply with the values for ESG investments and become economic development tools for the communities. They are done in partnership with various stakeholders in the communities, providing shared value and sustainable financial returns.



Part of a Ecosystem of Innovative Companies

The ecosystem of partner companies can provide operational efficiencies and address any gaps in project submissions identified by the independent reviewers. The goals is to maximize the return on investment by streamlining efficiencies in different aspects of a project from its design to its operations while keeping the value chain open for any players who can bring innovative solutions at a low risk.


Accelerating Growth and Capacities

Communities across North America have been involved in a variety of projects whether these projects are the communities themselves or private sector partners with the community they often face the challenge of putting the initiative in place and having the required financial capacity to entertain the initiative. Today most of the capital has been made only available to traditional large corporation due to corporate financing constraints. Digital Ubiquity Capital provides an innovative partnership model to address the governance, technology, and financial requirements of these initiatives and accelerate projects solving the digital divide.

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Contribute to bridging the divide

Our tools, analysis and structure makes it simple for institutional investors, accredited investors and even individuals to participate to the value creation of the projects. A strict process allows projects to isolate types of assets and create various instruments for the different classes of investors in the project. Digital Ubiquity provides a variety of products that help accelerate deal-by-deal investments in digital infrastructures and reduce risks and expertise fragmentation. All investments are made into Special Purpose Vehicles in partnership with the promoter and the other stakeholders to ensure proper governance and impact on environment and society.

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